29 окт. 2011 г.

Fall in Warsaw

Fall in Warsaw is elegant. You will never see the city from this side if you are a tourist or a passer-by. Cordial shopwindows, amber light all over the streets, occasional smiles, courtesy of citizens, polski sernik... Poland has never been warmly welcoming to aliens, but well-wishing to the tourists paying enourmous sums for souvenirs and sweets.
Hanging around we came across autumn fair. We could not miss it and dropped in.
You really ought to taste all these beautiful cakes and sweets, gentle flavour of them will remind you of Poland) Krakowska Kremowka....

17 окт. 2011 г.

Mark and Sasha

Hello, Warsaw!

Obviously, this week and these days passed under the auspices of Sasha and Mark) I start to believe that nothing is incidental. We got to know such nice and cute people... And everything happens so quickly and unexpectedly. I finally bought my 50mm canon and feel totally happy!
We visited places I had never been before, regardless of the fact that I lived in Warsaw for four years. That rejoices me, because I start from the very beginning...

10 окт. 2011 г.


Today was a quiet and nice day. Regardless of the cold and wind we managed to make a long way on foot) we found black and white film for our old camera, we did everything that we wanted and planned. But... we were not able to cope with just a small call. You never wait for them but they happen. Somebody calls you and everything goes wrong. I don't want you to call me again, really. I don't want you to ruin my fragile peace of mind.
Ladybird on my table....

4 окт. 2011 г.

We are finally getting closer to our goals and dreams. Running here and there, totally busy, but at the same time totally happy). I will continue to make small notes of the things that made us cheery.

hey, friends, we do remember your farewell seeing us off)))

cat and honey)

We haven't left yet but I am already starting to miss everything that we passed through. Those beautiful summer days and nights, our sports, our petits breakfasts, our Colombo!!!))) I will try to keep some pieces of our happy life here... In case if we feel too much sad about all this stuff)
Rainy days, Minsk, Green Meadow