28 янв. 2012 г.

Winter is not forever!

Парадоксально, но состою я из противоречий сплошь. Радует, что не я одна) Еще недавно мы все дружно ныли по поводу отсутствия снега и перспективы бросаться асфальтом на Новый Год. Год наступил, принес долгожданные снежные заносы и бури, и теперь на повестке дня - громадное количество снега в городе, и риторический вопрос - кто все это уберет???
Но зима не навсегда. Плохо только одно - холодно сниматься,  и никакой баланс белого не сможет сымитировать солнечный свет. Кажется, вселенская серость въелась в матрицу и не желает оттуда выселяться, заявляя о себе в каждом пикселе моих фото. Я веду борьбу. Кто со мной?
Paradoxically, but I am the contradiction itself. But happily, I am not the only. Recently we have been moaning for the lack of snow, and now a rithorical question is on the agenda - who will be cleaning up?
But the winter's not forever. The only thing that deranges me is the frost that does not allow to shoot, and that no camera settings and white balance will be able to imitate sunlight. Universe grayness seems to has burnt into the matrix and doesn't wish to move off, declaring itself in every pixel of my pictures. i am fighting against it. Who's with me?

My dear spoons) I love you all! Here goes Mr. Coffee, Mrs. Sugar, Mr. Tea, Ms.Cacao!)

Neither can I live without Mr. Milk)

Here let me stop the flow of these simple joys of life and kitchen). I always desperatly wait for winter, for first snow, for spring... But everything is good in its proper time.)

4 янв. 2012 г.

Diana. A shell of sunny December.

Evening preparations. An unexpected acquaintance. Late meeting but early morning. Hot coffee and glimpses of sun through thick clouds and cold wind. Long way, long talk. Same attitude. Uncovered beauty of the sea. Candles, shells and icicles. She, who runs the waves. Laughter. Sand glass. Soap bubbles. Beautiful things. It's all about Diana.

Telling the truth, I hate getting up early. But it is all paid back, when you manage to do so much. It was one of the beautiful days of my life. Even frost and my fingers burnt during the attempts to lit the candles could not spoil my good mood.

2 янв. 2012 г.


Hello, here I am. First morning of the year. Finally the shoemaker has her own shoes))). Photos made by Dmitry, not always perfect from the technical point of view, but awesome from the emotional one. Being not a professional photo taker he managed to do everything right) I adore him.
Frost has drawn its patterns on the water surface...
 Some breaks in the clouds. We lack the sun.
 I could not keep myself from eating an icicle.
 Fly, jump, dance. Cause you only live once.