19 февр. 2012 г.

Color Drops

I never stop my experimental game. It seems to me sometimes that my camera is a magic wand that renders possible my cognition of the world.
I find myself dependent on those splashes of milk. What freakish forms they can take sometimes!
Crowns, flowers, rain drops, planets...

❤Sweet desperation❤
I'm a fashion victim

Sleeping Beauty

Olafur Arnalds. Lost song. Music that aches.

I would like to stop it here... For beauty is never enough)

18 февр. 2012 г.

Lost in winters

Do you like winter the way I like it? Do you feel the smell of bright juices frozen somewhere underneath the earth?
I find an army of undertones in winter. A glare by the window...
And sun light sun light sun light!!!
 Milky fog pouring on your skin to cool down the heat of last summer...
 Memories of youth living in your heart...
 Remember places where you have never been...
Korero invitation 
 Dream big!
Of soft nothings... 
And watching your eyes change their color, being friend with a ray of light...
when winter is a sweet delight...
Pretending to be someone else...
and then...
being totally in love with your delusions...
to find life in every detail...
and celebrate her coming every possible instant..
and sink deeper in your thoughts where no one can find you
creating a fair of your own 
Lost in winters.
Photographer Juliana M.
Model Anastasia K.
MUA Alexandra M. (http://vk.com/feed#/id153993446)

15 февр. 2012 г.

Bolshoy Fashion Market. Photoreport.

Saturday, eleven in the morning. The opening of the Bolshoy Fashion Market. An event that became very popular in Belarus, and we are really happy that we have an opportunity to enjoy all these beautiful things. It was a nice possibility to buy presents for the 14th of February, and.... man, my boyfriend has finally arrived from the longest business trip ever) I was so happy!

I was lucky enough to see the backstage of the presentation of a new collection by Marinich.
She's a simple girl...))

Demonstration itself. I liked the dresses!
Bags were awesome!

Special credits to Victoria Naumova and Dmitry Sinkevich!