8 февр. 2012 г.


I love to meet old friends. To spend our time together laughing, making plans for future... Our crazy plans, dear, we are really nuts) I hope we will never change!
So we met on a sunny winter day. The reason was a holiday - not a frequent event in our country. We really lack such holidays - cosy, colorful and friendly. It reminded me of  "Seasons" that takes place in Moscow and St. Petersbourg. Of course, it's far not the same, but it had in the end what we call "Atmosphere"))
Belarusian Bakery. Look, the prices are ridiculous) You will never see them again.
Unforgettable season.
Gosh, I like his hat)
A sportsman, taking part in the competitions.
I don't know what language it is) Or where to put stress in this word)
Market of hand-made things.

Praying to some Gods...
ЮЮ, I know you wanted to buy everything)

Dogs, the floor was theirs that day.

That man exactly prepared that extremely tasty "Solyanka"

In the end, it was just the beginning)
Who has ever seen a feeding mother on the rope?

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