13 мар. 2012 г.

Sweet Holidays

I like official holidays, inspite of the fact that I am a freelancer and I may have a day off practically every single day. But I try to keep my discipline and I am also sad when Monday comes) May be it's a kind of solidarity with my friends and family, I am not sure yet, still it's a habit and I don't want to get rid of it. Holidays that passed were awesome, sweet, fresh, pink, and with a thin flavour of coming spring. When I start to think of all the things I can do when warm wheather will come, I have dizziness in my head. I have so many ideas and so little time... I feel that my life will be completely different, and I don't know what waits for me, but it makes me even more excited!
Now I want to share some pics with you. I have only 6 readers yet (including me - of course, I am reading what I am writing) but I love them all. Thank you, dear, for being interested in what I am doing.

I love flowers you bring to me.

When they meet sunlight they become more beautiful.

I shoot gigabytes of flowers)
I don't feel sorry for the traffic)
We decided to spend our morning in the cafe we had never been or had been just once, I don't remember. Hot chocolate and presents were perfect)

Honey, we are like twins now)
Do you believe in my passion for chocolate now?
For real chocolate lovers
There are no such words that can render the smell and bitter taste of chocolate to you! But I hope you will believe me on my bare word.
Then we decided to have a small walk. Spring has not arrived yet.

Inspired by such a quantity of chocolate I decided to bake a brownie. Besides, the next day my friend was about to have a Birthday. So I took a decision to astonish her.
But the recipe will be posted next time. Follow me)

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