13 апр. 2012 г.

My Hair. My Rules.

I have always been mad about women's hair. I consider it to be the main and the most appealing value of Her pesonality. How can one resist against a mop of thick long hair flying in the wind and delicately tickling your cheek?
Hair is Power.
So, your Hair - your Rules.
No faces. Hair is speaking!
Find me.
Love Me when I'm messy
Cheer me Up and never forget the sound of my Heart Beat
Guide Me when I'm lost
Keep your arms around me
Leave me when I need to be Left
When I'm Right, admit it with obedience 
Dream with Me
Divide my hesitation
Be inspired by my passion.
Avoid stability. Keep stable
Learn how to dance waltz
Keep me curious
Let me fly alone
Love Me in my Promiscuity
Share my insanity
Be in Love with my Hair
Grow with Me
Try to let me dot your "i's"
Be able to keep silence when there's no need to talk.
Find me everywhere you go. Miss me bitterly.

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