12 апр. 2012 г.

Vanilla trip to Kiev. 5 days of real Spring.

Why not have a trip to a city we have never been? Everyone says that a big joyrney begins with a small step.)
In my case it was a new hairstyle. Oh, no, of course it wasn't, there were lots of reasons to visit this city. I'm just trying to find one of the most reasonable)
We decided to visit Kiev. Special credits to Oksana, Irina and Jenya for taking care of us! I stole so many recepies of Italian, French and Hungarian cuisine from you) Thanks! I promise to cook all of them and to give a photo-report of every meal. It is very delicious, believe me)
So, Kiev. A place among some countries where spring appeared for the days we were staying there. We were enormously happy to take our clothes off and to enjoy some of spring rays warming our cold noses. So here goes my perception of this city, said to be the one, where all my fellow citizens appear to "breathe freely".
Hospitality and  communicability are the main traits of the Ukrainians.
My friends have growing tomatoes on their balcony) They are real!
The Real Ukrainian Soup! Exclusive pleasure!
First day was rainy, so we dropped in the art gallery. There was a scent of the last summer.
The weather didn't allow us to spend our time outside much.
Kiev aquarels
In Kiev it's impossible not to gain weight))) Everything is so delicious! French meat dish. Beer... Impossible to resist.
Window shopping... Never enough money to buy everything I want.
Kiev from the window of a metro wan
Day 2. La ville qui bouge
KI and DI
***City of flowers***
***City of lovers***
Tulips, roses, etc, etc, etc
I sream) adore ice cream
Magic places to visit.
springtime sadness
city views
Day 3 started with surprises. Postcards to friends. Hope they will find the addressees.
I have never eaten capers)
Perhaps, the most delicious thing  I have ever eaten) A curd pie.
Rice with vegetables.  A dinner in a local cafe. I can never remember their names.
Decoration of windows. Sweet)
long walks
Poor cat) He has to gain money not only for himself, but also for his landlady)
Top 10th of presents for your friends when you come back home.
The Ukrainians are preparing for Easter. They are hanging these colorful eggs on the tree branches.
Plan of the theatre. We decided to spen a cultural evening.
Breath-taking performance by the actors of Ivan Frank's theatre. We were watching "Two flowers of indigo color".
That man with a dog was a real embodiment of a monument nearby)
One more cafe where we spent our evenings, tired of long walks.
Day 4. Every our morning started with an exremely reach and full-flavoured coffee...
which is also my passion
That day we decided to visit the Botanic Garden of Kiev.
There were not so many blooming flowers and plants, because it was early spring, but I found some.)
Di's enjoying himself. 19 degrees above zero) Perfect day!
Wild West landscape
World's turning around!
Photos by Dima (C)
Familiar landscapes
Fairy tale roads
City views, unforgettable
Sun's going down, golden light
The last day, the day of saying good bye, buying tickets back and presents for friends. I will miss you, Kiev!
Last breakfast, last coffee.
last cookies
Sweet presents. They didn't survive)))
Kievsky Tort
Halva with raisins
Small single step. What's next?

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