10 мая 2012 г.

За 60 секунд до дождя. Till the Rain starts.

Sometimes we have just some seconds to do what we want...
To take a decision and to follow your heart.
To understand the value of people who believe in you.
To change yourself and to do things you've never done
to look at yourself in the mirror and to get to know that you are the one to praise and the one to blame
to make your life a fairy tale
to be srtong
*to let the river flow*
never stop being amused
to dream on
to dance in the rain
to see a ray of light in the dark
to forgive yourself for your mistakes
to sit on the rainbow
to listen to the wind and to the stars
to leave all that you don't need without pity
to fly not only when you sleep
to care
to get hungry to feel the joy of satiation
to love without predjudices and like for the last time
to build your life style
Sometimes you have just a few seconds to decide... before the rain starts...
Model: Daria Shmanay (NBSc)

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