3 мая 2012 г.

Inspire your smile. First Impressions.

Well, the title of this post coincides with the first phrase that I saw in Thai. I decided to do so when I was in the plane. I don't remember, it was an advertisement or smth like that. I have just realized that I missed this country so much! I missed cheap fruit and vegetables, I missed extremely hot weather, my sunburnt skin and smiling people. Thai is not a paradise, but I will highlight only beautiful moments, because... just because I like to do so!
The flight was long, but this time I was not so nervous about it. I am a little bit afraid of flying.
And the very first thing that we did - we had a dinner. A calming, hot, delicious, spicy dinner.
Famous Tom Yam soup. Try it, you will never have any pity!
Fuming, burning hot, savoury. Withstand temptation!
Golden Fish, fulfill my wish!
Magic fountain in the center of the city.
The beach in Pattaya, where we are staying for a while, is not very clean, so we are swimming in the pool at night when it's not so hot outside.
We are buying some fresh products in the local market. It's cheaper to eat outside than to cook at home. Good-buy, my dream to be a good housewife!)))
Besides, there won't be an oven in our flat( So, welcome to freshly cooked food)
Now I am absolutely indifferent to all sweet things) Climate, may be) But they still look tempting.
coconut juice forever
before the sun goes down
*Local *canteen*with*extremely*tasty*food*
*Have a nice day!*
More news later.

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