3 авг. 2012 г.

French Holidays

Finally we had an entire, full and complete weekend for ourselves! It was a real French holiday, I never thought I could spend my birthday in such a strange country. I told myself - yes, perhaps I would say yes to Goa, Maldives or Venice.... but Laos? But mai pen rai, it was gorgeous in the end!

I finally got to the country where I could practice my favourite and forgotten language. What a pleasure to say   - Pouvez-vouz envoyer cette carte postale a mes amies?
So, here we go again, eternal travelers, without peace and hope to find it.
View from our window
The morning starts from the hot thick air coming through it. You're breathing it and it reminds you of  French Louisiana, where palms grow and people drink coffee from tiny cups of an old coffee-set. It is such a wonderful feeling, something dear that you have already forgotten, rushes into your life and you start to value  even more things that are so simple... A breakfast together, staying in bed till afternoon, eating avocado with your hands, laughing with no reason, no hurry, scent of freshly made tea... That must be paradise.

I am not a big fan of eggs, but that time for breakfast it was ok. Just because of colors)

After having breakfast we just wanted to explore the city a little bit. You will not find any addresses of famous (cheap, the most expensive, the most beautiful, the worst... etc) restaurants, shops, or places to visit. We never take a map with us, we prefer to follow our intuition or inner feeeling, whatever you call it. There are lots of blogs describing such things, I do not want to make up another kind of a guide-book. Cities, beaches, hotels are so individual... And I want to make a country unrecognizable, so that looking at the photos you will never guess where it is.
The most delicious coffee I had ever tasted was in Laos! Even that one from Africa that father had brought to us in 90-ths can not be compared with it. I am a happy owner of a 1,5 kilo package of coffee. Mornings are magical nowadays!
Weather in Lao is like in London. It would rain every 15 minutes, but after extremely hot and sticky Thai we found a special pleasure in it. Actually, the temperature here is 5 degrees lower than in Thai, so you breathe easier.
The city itself is a bright harmony of inartificial buildings, densely populated quarters, a mix of endless tiny restaurants and different exotic smells. Having never heard of Vientiane before, I felt at ease, practically at home. Maybe, prices are the reason) The rate of dollar is equal to 8000 kip, as far as I remember, rate was the same in Minsk when we left.
Ah! Road traffic was habitual - cars with left wheel could finally afford us to get relaxed and "to look first to the left, then to the right".
**My French Boyfriend)
Lao People never stop cooking. The will never know hunger.
Soft drink of all times and peoples.
coke versus orange juice
Having a very delicious dinner. Fish under laurel leaf  sauce was awesome.
During the dinner I like to watch other people eating and chatting. The've got different reasons for visiting this city, and we are together, nearly side by side but still keep a very long distance.
Lao Streets
Romantic City Lights. In the evening the city changes its charater and turns into European Lady.
Last affairs to do - send crazy postcards to friends and parents)
 Vietnamese hat. Birthday present, bought somewhere in the middle of nowhere from one of Lao families, at 11 p.m., and at first they sent us to the hairdresser, as did not understand that we wanted their hat, hanging on the  door pillar. 
I feel that I will come back to this city, where roofs are of sky color.

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