14 апр. 2013 г.

Backstage "At the edge of Oikumena"

Backstage "At the edge of Oikumena"
That day was perfectly crazy.
It started when I lost my way to hotel and took a boat to exactly opposite direction. As I could not get off easily, because I was totally unaware of where it was going, I left the thought of jumping over the desk and relaxed, and magically, it helped. Another river vehicle took me from the pier to Taksin boat station and from there, I promised myself, I could not get lost anymore.
Bangkok is a very user-friendly city, unlike Vilnius, where I could drive in circles for hours...

Every city, in my opinion, has its own color. Krungthep is brown, no doubt. It is saturated with gentle brown heat; beige aroma of vanilla and coffee covers buildings and gardens, shopping centers and poor districts. BKK is an immense city, I am sure a whole life is not enough to know it more closely. Those who say that the smells of Bangkok are not pleasant - not right! Even public toilets are cleaner, than in some countries)))
I have been there three times already, but I still can say that I have never been to Bangkok. It's awesome, thrilling, breath-taking. Heart of south-east Asia, magical city.
The beginning, we took a typical Thai mini-van.
Our arrangements and accessoires made Thai observers surprized.
So we began our way towards adventures in the Unknown Bangkok. I was unaware of what the shooting will be, and did not care about it much, I knew everything would be all right. I just enjoyed the city with an open heart and mind and absorbed its hot appeal.
Our team.
Iren, our Muse for the day.
We cross Chaopraya River.
City where big boats and cockleshells are friends and exist peacefully.
The pier where we moored was a Chinese family possession.
It constantly meets boats and never knows a rest.
Only we could start a very long trip in the middle of nowhere to create a photo story of a girl amongst green trees)))
In the very heart of the city we can find deep jungles:
*** Irene***
Making up. dreaming. chatting. posting. twitting. always on the go.
Everything was thought over with all kindness and accuracy.
Famous glasses)
Olga Green. Im my eyes.
So, the serie itself is coming very soon.
Hope you will like it!
Master class of Sophie Black in Bangkok.
Designer - Andrei Korzuhin.
Stylist and make-up master - Marina Tshovrebova.
Model - Iren Sergeeva.

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