25 мая 2013 г.

Meanwhile. Siam Country Club.

Hello! Here we are again. Let me aquaint you with a new place that we have found in our small trips aroud the city and its outskirts. If you have a whole day off, you should visit this paradise called Siam Country Club, where you will find enormous territories covered with thick green grass and surrounded by tall palm trees. For those who are mad about horses it's an ideal place to spend an active day, walking around, breathing fresh air and maybe.. who knows, riding a horse?)

As I told already, the territory is quite big, so it's better to come by car or a bike. Besides, the territory of the club includes not only horse stables, but also fields for golf and competitions, billiards, gardens and fruit parks.
And they are the heroes of the club)
We spent a couple of very eventful hours, walking here and there, looking and enjoying everything, even a small flower, every drop of water from the fountain.
*The road to the mail field, where all sport events and shows take place*
Me in the mirror, of course)
Magnificent horses, I believe them to be gods, for such beautiful and graсeful, slender and smart creatures can only be of a heavenly origin.
These fields bring me memories about my equestrian past)
Together with palms they make unforgettable landscape!

Film-like shot)
Just relaxing after a hot day , laying on the ground.
And trying to catch the freshness of the fountain water.
We met the warm evening and hoped that we would come back next weekend. A big competition event of Horse-polo would take place there, I don't want to miss it!

Happy Di) My best driver ever)
See you again!
To be continued)

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