15 апр. 2014 г.

Ancient City

We had a magic day, travelling around the old capital of Siam, Ayutthaya. I tried to look at it with my own eyes, not paying much attention to touristic aspect and not keeping in memory dates and names and titles of ancient kings and queens of Ayutthaya, because it is completely impossible. I always adore those people, who know them by heart and moreover, can tell fabulous stories about their lives. I tried first to make some photos and sketch a little, because the atmosphere was so positive I could not stand my desire to take a pencil and notebook and sketch all these forms and structures from red bricks...

But first we tried to have a small walk along the tiny streets of royal residence. I say "tried", because, actually, we were running from one tree shade to another, April has come, the hottest season of the year.

 Inside the residence you should wear polite dress, so I was offered that extra-warm piece of cloth by Baan Pa-In Park management staff. I did wear it, and strangely, I felt no heat and was enjoying myself in Thai-style skirt. 

In this kingdom of sun light sitting under the tree was the biggest pleasure)

Enormous quantity of flowers, trees, palms - is the main treasure of the park, I think. I could not stop taking photos of them, they were more interesting for me than palaces, temples and castle, may be because during summer heat only they could bring me some freshness and peace.

I don't know exactly all the meanings of Buddhist ceremonies and rituals, but when I see them it always fulfills my soul with joy and excitement...  Looks really marvelous!

We had to pass our way through a local market... Well, full of smells that come under your clothes, into your mouth and eyes... here are some strange cookies in the oil that I would never dare to try)

And some more minutes to be with yourself and to get in touch with real You.

)))) I was happy there!

Some people keep saying that in Ayutthaya there is nothing to see but old ruins of no interest... How deeply wrong they are! These ruins are alive, for even on the bricks you can see life... They are so hot that you can feel energy flowing just standing by. And if you were attentive and curious, kept your eyes and heart wide open, and did not wait for a miracle or something extraordinary, it would for sure happen, unexpectedly!

Stay the way you are, and with me, Magic!

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  1. A very poetic depiction of personal impressions. I really enjoyed it/)))))))))))))

    1. Thank you so much) I'm glad you liked it)

    2. Seems like I've touched all blades of grass, leant on massive trunks of the magic trees, took a sigh of flavourful air, and of course talked to myself afterwards..
      So thanks for this imaginary trip to Ayutthaya!

    3. Oh, what a deep and thoughtful perception of my post! I am grateful for every word and feel really proud. Thank you so much, dear Mr. or Mrs. Hope you will enjoy the following posts as well. Best regards!

    4. Dear YU, just keep doing such wonderful snapshots and there will always be found someone to feel like I did.
      All the best!

  2. What an adventure for me through your senses Juliana! So lovely and poignant. I love your spirit and heart. What a beautiful story and colorful pictures and images. And your sketches are breathtaking. Please don't ever stop! Oh, your portrait sketch should be finished in about 2 weeks. My best to you, Rob

    1. Rob)) What a pleasure to see your comments, they make my day. I told you, I appreciate so much your attention, and will try to write more often) Thank you!